My Wellness Journey

By Catherine Ruffels

Firstly, I didn’t think that I could feel this good. Vibrant, full of energy, let alone transform my skin, drop some kg’s and be hungry for more than life has in store!
A few years ago, my partner and I decided to go all in on our self-transformation and better ourselves. We did it because we both had a number of health concerns and honestly, we wanted more. We wanted more out of life, ourselves and each other. We wanted to feel and do amazing things!

I had been traveling like crazy for work while we were renovating our home here in Melbourne (well my partner was anyway). During this time my partner was diagnosed with a chronic headache condition (probably from trying to do everything on his own) and was in and out of hospital.
I had enough of stomach problems, cramps, headaches, excess weight, bad skin, anxiety, extreme fatigue and a fogginess that I had lived with all my life that I thought was normal.

Life seemed unfair but what was going to change if we didn’t make the first move? We had already had all the normal tests, doctors visits and anything ending in “oscopy”. We needed to take things into our own hands and be more responsible for our physical and mental health.

So here’s a snippet of my journey…

We started by listening to a few health podcasts. A favourite of mine is a podcast called ”The Model Health Show” by Shawn Stevenson. He is fun, light-hearted, motivational and breaks information down so you understand it.

I started going to KX Pilates Mentone 4x per week BEFORE work. It’s important to get some exercise in before you start your day. Research has been shown that people who exercise in the morning have a much better night’s sleep. Sleep impacts your stress levels and is imperative to your body’s healing.

I was already starting to feel better! The podcasts were helping me to feel more informed, empowered and motivated to start my day in the right mindset.

I then started drinking a green Juice every morning! At first I went a little over the top and only had veggies and water. I felt my healthiest but it is hard to maintain and I really missed bananas! 

We stopped eating processed Sh*#t, refined sugar and simple carbs. It hasn’t been easy and we do slip up from time to time. We cut out bread, pasta, cereal, and anything in a packet! Refined sugar feeds your bad gut bugs that can cause all sorts of health concerns and diseases. Grains can act very much the same way. They can inflame conditions such as acne, pcos, chronic fatigue, depression and so many more.

My daily meal plan looks something like this….

Green Juice: Spinach, kale, Miss Vitality greens powder, lemon juice, coconut yogurt, 1 banana, fresh or frozen strawberries and water.
2 organic scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, and avocado.

I try to make salads fun and delish so I enjoy them and feel satisfied.
Spinach, iceberg lettuce or rocket, ½ avocado, squeeze fresh lemon juice, handful walnuts (or pecans), a little sprinkle of goats cheese, handful of chopped fresh strawberries. Sometimes I add cabbage, white and purple for some more colour, crunch and another flavor element. Topped with good quality olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Swap the strawberries for roasted pumpkin or sweet potato and add tuna or baked chicken for protein on some days.

Coconut yoghurt with either some berries, figs, mango, peach or banana (try to use what’s in season). Top it with a sprinkle of cinnamon – YUM!!

I always have veggies and a lean cut of protein. Whether roasted, steamed or mixed in a curry. Such as salmon steamed in the oven with lemon juice and fresh herbs (ginger, chilli, or just fresh dill), fried asparagus and roasted sweet potato.


I came to the conclusion that I was going to be happy and work towards goals that would only better myself and those around me. The mindset isn’t waiting for something to happen e.g. Friday or a holiday. You NEED to make the decision to be happy with who you are, right now, in this space, with what you have. If you keep waiting for the next materialistic thing, you will always be waiting to be happy. There will always be bumps in the road, but if there were never a down or low moment, would you know what the good/high moments feel like?

My final tip is to just start with one thing at a time. Research has been shown that you are 80% more likely to stick with a new habit if you start with less and build on it. E.g just start listening to a podcast on the way to work each morning. Then 6 weeks later start drinking a green juice every day. Then cut out refined sugar ect. You just need to start somewhere, anywhere!! Please strive for your goals and a better version of yourself.


I’m in the middle of writing my next blog with lots more recipes including snacks like protein balls with ATP’s noway protein powder, healthy desserts and more breakfast, lunch, dinners, even carb and sugar-free bread! So keep an eye out.

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