Refresh, exfoliate and renew your skin. This treatment gives your skin a deep exfoliation using a diamond tip wand to gently polish the face while also using suction which removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to the skin. Improving texture and skin tone, microdermabrasion allows us to work deeper into your skins layers using our very own botanical ingredients that will, plump, hydrate and renew your skin.

60 mins – $169

add on's

plumping Vitamin Infusion with Ultrasonic

only $39 added to any treatment

Give your skin a boost of vitamins to get your glow back and plump your skin using ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production.

Advanced Peel

only $30 added to any treatment

Taking peels to another level with a high strength clinical peel using a combination of concentrated levels of Lactic Acid, AHA’s, BHA’s, high strength vitamin C & vitamin A. Customised to your skin type and concern.

High Frequency (Acne Treatment)

only $20 added to any treatment

High Frequency oxygenates the surface of the skin, killing acne bacteria, stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels minimizing red inflamed skin. Literally zap away your pimples!

LED light therapy

only $50 added to any treatment

Your skin will be visibly plumper and more radiant after just 1 treatment!

Simultaneously stimulating cellular processes beneath the surface of the skin to create a healthy long-lasting effect, lightfusion™ uses state of the art LEDs that deliver specific wavelengths of light to energise skin cells and encourage fibroblast activity, helping promote collagen and elastin that are essential for the fight against the ageing process.