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Anti Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel 30mL

Instantly receive the benefits of a gentle microdermabrasion from a light chemical peel and a pampering facial in just two easy steps. See smoother, brighter and healthier looking skin after just one treatment while also enhancing the penetration of active plumping ingredients. With the polish and plump peel, skin does not flake or require any downtime. Also use it to minimize acne scars, aging hands, dry feet and elbows, even the appearance of stretch marks.

Cleansing Gel 200mL

Cleansing Gel – Cleanse, Tone, Makeup Remover

Triple Action + Foaming Peptides, Sebacic + Lactic Acids, Allantoin – An all-in-1 anti-aging gentle cleanser that effectively removes dirt and excess oil while toning and lifting away all traces of makeup without over-drying.

Exfoliating Cleanser 200mL

Exfoliating Cleanser – Energizing Renewal
Triple Action Peptides, Glycolic Acid, Jojoba Beads – Thoroughly cleanse skin with foaming peptides and a burst of citrus that will energize skin, revitalize hydration and enhance a healthy glow.

Eye Authority 15mL

Dark Circles, Puffiness, Fine Lines

Multi-Performance Peptides, Pearl Peptides, Antioxidants – This four-dimensional eye cream immediately brightens dark circles while diminishing the look of expression lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

2016 Best Seller – Our most popular product because it works from the first application. 

Face Lift 30mL

Advanced Ultra-Light Moisturiser
Multi performance Peptides, Antioxidants, Triple Hyaluronic Acid – Experience a visible face lift with this smart hydration cream that contains a mega-dose of multi-performance peptides that reinforce skin’s defenses while thoroughly protecting against environmental stressors by restoring firmness and visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

2016 Best Seller – A powerful anti-ageing treatment in a ultra light moisturizer

LumaPro-C 30mL

Safely brighten your complexion with this drug-free pigment corrector that minimizes the appearance of all types of hyperpigmentation including age spots, sun damage, and pigmentation from acne and “pregnancy mask” with a potent combination of corrective skin brighteners.- 3 Peptides including a Brightening Peptide and Preservative Peptide to improve overall skin radiance and health while reducing pigmentation activity to lighten skin.


Miracle Mask 15mL

Peptides, Enzymes, Green Tea – Instantly create a more youthful radiant glow, extract impurities and minimize the appearance of pores as purifying clays, peptides and hyaluronic acid lift, firm and hydrate skin.

NEW! Polypeptide Collagel+ Mask for Eyes

8 treatment packets per box. 1 treatment includes 2 pads.

FORMULA FEATURES: Enhance facial results with this Polypeptide Collagel+ Mask for eyes. To promote a youthful complexion, Hydrogel technology is infused with key collagen supporting peptides and hydrating nutrients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the under eye area.*

  • Helps boost collagen in the skin for a plumper, firmer appearance.
  • Provides immediate hydration and locks it in skin for long-term comfort.
  • Helps to calm and cool skin after aggressive treatments.


Power Lift 30mL

Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Rich Concentrate

Multi-Performance Peptides, Pineapple Ceramide, Chilean Boldo Tree Extract – Target all visible signs of aging and quench dry skin with this ultra-rich moisturizer that includes a blend of peptides, antioxidants and skin brighteners.

Power Serum 30mL

Line Lifting Transformation
Volumizing Peptides, Skin Enhancing Peptides, Chrysanthus Bulb – This power packed treatment delivers the most advanced peptides, antioxidants and a growth factor activating extract to immediately improve skin health while revealing a firmer, years younger appearance.

Pre-Treatment Toner 200mL

Pre-Treatment Toner – Balance & Brighten

Lactic Acid, Triple Action Peptides, Orange Stem Cell – This age-defying treatment toner exfoliates while brightening and evening out skin tone.

Solar Defense Tinted Face Guard

Anti-Wrinkle + Protect Collection

This moisturising tinted face guard self-adjusts to the colour of your skin tone offering flawless coverage and a luminous finish.