7 Daily habits to improve your health, vitality and your skin!

By Catherine Ruffels

  1. Start your day with water… Yes that’s correct – not coffee but water! Think about it.. Your body has just been through (hopefully) an 8 hour cleanse. Now you can re-fuel your body with amazing nutrients from the very beginning! But 1st flushing your body of all the toxins and re-hydrating it, will have it ready and optimised to receive and absorb all the amazing nutrients you are about to give it!


  1. Get some nutrients into you! – Ever wounder why having a green juice has become so popular in todays society?

A bowl full or juice of mixed green leafy vegetables can provide following nutrients.

  • Calcium 9 %
  • Calories 23 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Dietary Fiber 2.2 g
  • Iron 15%
  • Magnesium19%
  • Potassium 55 mg
  • Protein 2.9 g
  • Sugar 0.4 g
  • Vitamin A187%
  • Vitamin B-6 10%
  • Vitamin C 46%

Because of these essential nutrients your body will begin to heal itself. Greens will improve Digestive health, balance cholesterol levels, achieve healthy youthful skin, treat anaemia, fight free radicals, maintain cardiovascular health, it will definitely help with weight loss, boost energy levels and that’s just to name a few!

Think about it – If you built your house with polystyrene foam how weak would it be?! That’s why we use bricks and concreate. That’s like our body’s, what you feed your cells is actually what you are made of! So feed it bricks (healthy food from the earth) not foam (pepsi, pizza and donuts).


  1. Meditate or just be still for even just 10 minutes before starting your day.. Think about it, start your day calm and in control of your emotions. A lot of us start our day in a frantic mess and wonder why we are already full of anxiety and stress before we even get to work!


  1. Get some sort of movement into your day. Movement is so important for all our organs and systems to work at their optimum level – they need stimulation, to get the lymph moving so it can start to detoxify your body, get your blood flow moving so it can feed your body with nutrients and oxygen. Whether it is a sweaty gym session, a fun but great workout at KXpilates or just a jog or even a walk on your lunch break, get some movement in! You will have more energy, vitality, less brain fog, you’ll feel happier and your body and your skin will thank you for it!
  1. Have healthy meals prepped and ready to go for the week. Try having less dairy, gluten and sugar and see how you feel after a few weeks. I bet you feel a million dollars and your skin will too! If this is too much to begin with, try cutting out just one, then a few weeks later another etc.

Meal prepping ensures you are not stressed of making the decision of what to eat when you get hungry.. This is what usually leads us to choosing the wrong foods.


  1. Now sleep is so excruciatingly important, if anything else we need to get this right. Sleep is when our body’s regenerate our cells, “clean up” toxic build up, even put together events and problems you have encountered like a puzzle piece, to help you figure things out and have an easy solution. Ever wounder where the term “sleep on it” came from? Ever woke up with an answer after a stressful previous day or problem?

Our brains and body’s need sleep, which is why we as human have a natural circadian rhythm. “this is our body’s natural clock that tells us when we need to go to sleep and wake up.’ – I read a book called “sleep smarter” by Shawn Stevenson, became obsessed with his podcast and never looked back.


6a.       Many people these days have trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep. A few tips to help you get a better sleep.

  • Stop looking at screens, including tv, phones, computers at least 1 hour before bed. If this is too hard at least switch your devices off blue light – this light that we stare at for hours on end before we go to bed is similar to the day light, so our circadian rhythm (our natural clock) tells us its day time and we need to be awake. It doesn’t allow the correct hormones to do their thing and so even though our body is tired our brain still thinks its day time. (for every hour you look at your devices at night, you will be awake for an extra half hour of that hour).
  • Read a book instead. You will feel happier and calmer if you read before bed instead of staring into your phone wishing you looked like all those Instagram models that don’t even really look like that! And your brain and natural clock will thank you for it with a good night’s sleep. And also, you’ll feel more vibrant in the morning!
  • Meditation before bed to help you to relax and be still, will start to put your mind and body at ease. I use a guided meditation app at night time called “smiling mind” I feel at night time I need a guided meditation, so I can concentrate on my body and mind and not that list you have in your head for the next day (which btw, you should write down so you don’t have to think about it).


  1. Gratitude – This is a big one. Before you go to sleep or when you wake up think of at least 3 things you are grateful for that day or just in general. It can be big or as small as you like. E.g you are grateful for your health, for your family, for the roof over your head or even something small like the warm bed you sleep in or the beautiful facial you had today! 😉


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